Saanio & Riekkola Oy has been a member in good standing of The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms (SKOL) since 1971. SKOL has prepared a set of quality principles that emphasize understanding of customer requirements, the proficiency and expertise of consultants and co-operation with customers and other stakeholders.

As an engineering consulting company, Saanio & Riekkola Oy also adheres to the ethical rules established by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) which state, in part, that it is important to find solutions that promote sustainable development.

The aim of Saanio & Riekkola Oy’s quality management system (QMS) is to ensure that customer expectations, both current and future, are fulfilled. The Saanio & Riekkola QMS plays an integral role in the development of the company’s activities.



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